Kitchen Gadgets with color, purpose and sooo cute!

Spicing Up Your Kitchen

I can walk into any kitchen store and find something that I never saw before and that I do not know how I have lived without it this whole time. I use mostly dried spices in the winter time. I have learned that if they are out I will use them more and the more I think about using spices the healthier my meals are. I mean when is the last time you put dried basil or dill in your box of macaroni and cheese?

Below are some fun ways to make your spices accessible. This is also convenient if you have a recent injury to arm or leg and you can not access your spices as much as you use to. Food is so important to heal so spice up your kitchen. These also make wonderful gifts for someone returning from the hospital or rehabilitation center. No size required!

Magnetic spice holders and convenient and you can attach them to magnetic strips on your wall or directly to your fridge.


You can use a magnetic strip like the one below to have all your spices out and handy wherever you put them in your kitchen. Be creative and put it vertical instead of horizontal.

How about about adding some pop and flare with color. These colors are sure to change a bad mood as soon as you enter a room.

I love me some wooden utensil do not get me wrong but a rainbow of colors in a kitchen just puts a smile on my face.

The knives each have a picture purpose