I’m Karisha Solomon

I’m a Gerontologist with a passion for inspiring people to live their best lives. I do this by providing remedies that incorporate style and function into your everyday lives. 

WHAT DO YOU DO besides blog ?

I am currently the Executive Director for a senior organization that provides information and resources to keep their seniors independent and assist with aging in place.  Also sometimes I teach a Gerontology course Syracuse University.   


What Is Gerontology? (thanks www.USC.edu)

Gerontology, as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the comprehensive study of aging and the problems of the aged.” Many people confuse gerontology with geriatrics. Whereas geriatrics focuses strictly on the medical conditions and disease of the aging, gerontology is a multidisciplinary study that incorporates biology, psychology and sociology. Because gerontology deals with multi-faceted aspects of aging, gerontology professionals can be found in a variety of industries including health care, government, nonprofits and the business community.

Just because a person is old or has experience with the aging population does not make them a gerontologist. You must have completed a degree (majoring not minoring) in gerontology. Every course we take is concentrated on the aging population giving us special training and tools.

Here is an example of some of the courses taken:

Theories of aging, ethics, housing, social services, geriatric psychology, research methods, physiology of aging and government policy . Check out my Linkedin account to see my thesis on Livable Communities and my education.


Noun- Medicine or treatment for a disease or injury

Verb: To set an undesirable situation right 

some facts about me

  • I studied Gerontology at Ithaca College with a minor in Health Care Administration

  • MGS stand for Masters in Gerontological Studies (not to be confused with MSG- no preservatives here). I got my MGS in 2008 from Miami University

  • Gerontologist is my official title but I like the term lifestyle designer 

  • My career in aging was inspired by being a candy striper and my grandmother

  • I have two boys that changed my life and career choices 

  • My past jobs have been a nurses aide, caregiver coordinator and professor at SU. Yikes! I have worked in the aging field for over 20 years.

  • I have always had chronic pain

  • My journey with scoliosis and autoimmune disease has made me empathetic to other peoples pain and needs

  • Contrary to popular belief, natural healing methods have worked best for me  

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