Style has NO age limits

I saw this on the Habitually Chic blog and had to share

"You've got to have style. It helps you get out bed in the morning."

                                                               - Diana Vreeland

Don’t lose your style in the wash….

losing your clothes and identity in a nursing home

Your identity, your clothes, your life have all changed… It seems like clothes always get lost at rehab or nursing homes. Here are 5 simple stylish tips:

  1. Not just for kids- clothes labels that are washable are so useful when you are sending the nurse’s aide to the laundry room to find your loved ones clothes.

2. Buy personalized embroidered shirts or pajamas for a gift. Lands End or LL Bean does a nice job or personalizing clothing.

3. Label the dresser drawers with pictures of the clothes or keep the closet doors open if memory is an obstacle. Getting yourself dressed means so much for your dignity. Don’t make a big deal about not matching either. If this concerns your loved one leave tops and bottoms that naturally match like patterned tops and solid pant colors.

4. If buttons are an issue do not set your loved one up for failure. Sweatshirts or button less tops zap the realization of not being able to do something. Who wants to be reminded of that as soon as they wake up and right before bed anyway? Make their life as easy as possible.

5. Make sure to check if you are being charged a hefty fee for the facility to do your laundry. If you are visiting each week anyway you can wash your loved ones clothes in their familiar smelling detergent and guarantee the return.

You lose so much when you enter into a facility in the short term or long term. Keeping familiar things like your own clothes, the scent of your detergent and the independence of picking our your own clothes that make you still feel like well YOU is key to having the best quality of life.

Take Care,