Loving Yourself By Heating Things Up

Let’s Heat Things Up

If you have chronic pain you have probably tried all the heating pads and most likely you have a few of the roughed up ones in your hall closet. Sure they still work kinda but you picked up a new one at the pharmacy on sale.

Taking the time treat yourself even with heat should be an important part of your day to take care of yourself. These heating pads are totally different.


This one is a step up from the traditional rice, corn or bean heating pads. I have been frustrated many of times with the lack of heat and duration of many heating pads. I also need it to be able to move around with me.

This one is portable. Not too large or too small. It is also portable and attaches with ease.


Is your partner always hot but your feet are freezing? Pamper yourself and get a good night sleep.


Heated seats in the car are great but add this on your lap and you will be toasty on your trip to the store or cross country.


You have your spot. Your chair. Keep this foot warmer near by for a quick pick me up during the cold weather. I like how it plugs in and you do not need to get up to warm it in the microwave.