For the Health of it

I have suggested walking poles in the past for Holiday gifts as a means of support on icy surfaces. This time I am not trying to prevent falls but to help you walk more efficiently.

I know that you have heard that walking is good for you but do you really know the benefits it has?

Robert Sweetgall

stresses that walking is great for your legs, heart, bones and brain. But you think you can not walk long distances because your knees, back or feet hurt? It has scientifically proven that using walking sticks (not just any sticks but the ones shown below) can help you have 40% more muscle engagement and burn 40% more calories. That is not the best part: the poles also help your body become lighter and have less impact on those knees, feet and back

A 50 state, 11,208 mile walk

Possibly one of the greatest testimonials for walking is Robert Sweetgall's 11,208 mile foot journey through all 50 states. Sweetgall walked the entire United States in one year, averaging 31 miles per day.

Periodically he was flown back to the Univ. Mass. Medical Center where a team of 20 medical scientists and doctors completely analyzed his physiological functions to determine the long-term effects of walking on the human body.

Bottom line: this medical research showed no injuries, no abnormal physiological effects, and fortunately for Sweetgall, improvements in many areas, including cardiorespiratory function, reduction in body fat, and enhanced muscle strengthening.