Where are your eggs coming from?

I recently have been really thinking about where my milk comes from and the journey it takes to get to me. Have you stopped to think about what that cow has eaten to produce that milk and then how the cow is milked, how the milk is stored and then put into a big truck and shipped to a factory and then put into another truck and shipped to a store where you pick it up and put it in your car and bring it home to serve to your family. Am I the only one thinking these things? 

Well, I know it is probably unpractical for you to have a cow and milk it each day but it is not unrealistic to have chickens. I love the look of this coop. What a great addition to your landscape and family meal planning!

We have had a lot of egg scares lately and heard the horror stories about how chickens are treated. 

Invest in a few chickens and they will repay you in no time!