Walk Right In, Sit Right Down

What a beautiful home.  It is well lit at night so you can see your way in and any strangers lurking in the night.

Also notice that this is a no step entrance. 

The entrance goes right into the inviting livingroom area.  This home is an appropiate size with an open floor plan. 

Instead of a huge area rug the floor texture changed. There is also good task lighting next to the couch.

Now you know that this bath is not univerally designed but look at the wonderful branch bar in the front.  That could make a very nice grab bar that reflects the spectacular view.  I hope they do not have any neighbor close by. 

The kitchen also has great task lighting but notice how much natrual light is coming in?  See the shadows on the floor? A shade on a timer would be appropriate to reduce some of that glare.   

Here is another view of the kitchen.  The countertops are at different heights making it appropriate for many users.  The oven is elevated making it easy to see what is inside and prevents bending over and picking up heavy dishes.  And do I even need to point out how much storage is available!  My goodness.  This kitchen is very functional and does not have any throw rugs either.  See the change in the floor textures again (look by the island chairs)  

Open floor plan and natural sky lights make this space so functional. 

Although, see the glare on the floor?  That can be hard for the eye to adjust (it kinda reminds me of when people would point a laser at your eye)

In this room they added to the glass to prevent complete sun light.  This same design could be used in the kitchen. 

Photos/ Architect source